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Since its inception five years ago, Lendocity has established itself as a top tier lender with an incredible team to help businesses nationwide. The team set out to build a platform for businesses to receive the financing options that were not being offered by banks or other lending institutions.

We offer financing to all types of businesses, no matter how small or large. Our financing is customized to each client.

Providing Financing for Over 5 years

Lendocity Group is currently doing more than 25% more business than last year thanks to their dedication to customer service, affordable rates, and flexible financing options.

As a direct lender, we are able to put our clients and their needs first.

Our Mission & Vision

Lendocity Group have been providing business loans for the past decade. From the start, he always had a personal goal of helping American businesses grow, and that’s why he started with small loans.

Every business loan Lendocity has given out has been with the same goal in mind: making sure that every business that gets financed can work hard and grow exponentially. We believe that a loan is a tool to help businesses grow, not an obligation that limits your ability to work for yourself.



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We offer no obligation application to see what your business can be approved for.

Business financing made easy


Lendocity provides a quick and easy way to fund your business without the headache of waiting weeks for a bank loan.

Fast, safe and transparent

Why wait when you can get the funding you need now? Lendocity offers a fast and safe alternative that doesn’t require any prepayment penalties or collateral.

No waiting for approval

We’re here to help when you need it most. Get the funding you need in just a few steps, with our fast and transparent business financing solution that only takes 1 day!